...And it's easier than you think!

You’ve put time, effort and expense into your beautiful Cape Cod home.

What about the natural setting around your home? Does it make you proud?

Do people slow down to look at your property?  Do your friends and family gush over the plantings, the placement of specimen plants and the colors that change with the seasons?

Is Your Property All It Can Be?

Quiet Garden Path

Quiet Garden Path

We have an amazingly long growing season here on the Cape with the ability to grow so many interesting and beautiful plants that people from colder climes can only dream about.  We have the perfect climate for outdoor events and family fun.  Some of us have a front-row view of the best of the Cape Cod landscape like the ocean, salt-water rivers or marshes, to name a few.

The natural beauty just doesn’t stop!

Can you say that about your landscape design?

Perhaps you can, and if so, you can count yourself among the lucky ones.  But if there are problem spots, places in your yard that don’t look or feel right or the whole property seems like it doesn’t flow, perhaps we should talk.

Or maybe you’ve always wanted a landscape that you still don’t have, or can’t quite put your finger on what’s missing.

Cape Cod perennial garden in full regalia

Cape Cod perennial garden in full regalia

Come Home to the Cape Cod Landscape You’ve Always Wanted

Imagine how good it would feel to step out of your home into a landscape that welcomes you.  Or to pull into your driveway with anticipation of the landscape that greets you with daily changes and long-blooming displays.

When it’s that good, people actually stop in the road and take pictures.  I’ve seen it over and over.  It’ll be your house they show to friends while telling them that yours was a beautiful home and landscape they saw on Cape Cod.



Think of It as Commissioning an Artist to Create Your Own Exclusive Landscape Painting



 Crafting the landscape that reflects your preferences begins with a top quality landscape design.  It comes to life with a skilled landscape installation.  The beauty continues with a personalized property maintenance plan.

Second Nature Gardenworks can make it happen for you, and with you.  Your own landscape artistry is only a phone call away.

Give me two hours and I can show you how to have years of landscape bliss.

It only takes one easy step.  Call me!  You can reach me at 508-394-7974.

I’m Shannon Goheen, with a 21-year history of elevating Cape Cod landscape design beyond the ordinary. Let’s talk!


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