Solve Your Landscape/Garden Design Issues and Fall In Love With Your Yard Every Single Day!

How would you like to have an amazing landscape that fits your family’s lifestyle? A landscape that reflects and showcases the architecture of your beautiful home? A landscape that compliments or enhances the natural landscape in or around your lot?

You can have that boutique landscape, the one that is designed with you and for you. The one that says “this is my corner of the world and it does my heart good to be here.”

Here's how it works:

  • You provide the Dream
  • I provide the Expertise
  • We create the landscape of your dreams

Quiet Garden Path

Email me here for a free consultation to review how I can help you.

How much longer do you want to wait for your perfect landscape?

Are you delaying the decision that's going to make a huge positive difference in your everyday life?

Take charge of your landscaping! Garden design that is tailored to you and your situation will totally change how you feel about your property…and how it makes you feel.

Maybe you have a house on the Cape and are looking the ideal Cape Cod landscape design?  You leave your troubles at the bridge when you come here...why not arrive and spend the warm months with a landscape/garden you love?

With a boutique, client-centered garden design, landscaping becomes fun, a treasured feature of your property to enjoy (and show off!) instead of something that’s just -as the slang term says – “kinda there"- or a left-over builder's special that you never got around to fixing.

And in case you were wondering, I’ll get it done for you, from the design to the installation and even beyond.  You won't have to shop around and coordinate a bunch of different companies. That's my job - so you get one-stop shopping.

Getting your ideal landscape really is easier than you think.

Cape Cod perennial garden in full regalia

Cape Cod perennial garden in full regalia

Take the one easy step. Contact me for a free consultation about how I can help you.  Or, if you want to chat, call me at 508-394-7974. You can get to know me better by looking around my site. Start with about me and find out if I’m a good fit for your garden/landscape goals.

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