Don't take my word for it...see what some of my treasured clients think!

"We are two of the lucky ones who have people stop and admire our "Goheen Garden". We love it. Things have grown ( as they do with sun and H2O) and I think your expertise is needed to perhaps move or cut back some plants. We do not want to uproot or ruin a great thing- our own "Giverny on Cape Cod!"

Richard and Shelly Cohen, Centerville, MA


  "Our horticultural industry has developed into an ever-changing “landscape.” We have always had consistent past plant performers. Coupled with these steady standouts are new introductions each year that enhance our landscape options. It is refreshing to see some individuals who have the ability to incorporate both the new and the old to achieve a desired effect. Shannon is one of those individuals."

Paul Campbell, Horticulturist and Nurseryman, Dennis, MA


"Our Experience with Second Nature Garden Works"
"We are extremely pleased with the work of Shannon Goheen of Second Nature Garden Works. We met Shannon after we received a very strong recommendation from the landscape contractor we have worked with over the past several years at our previous and current homes. In May 2014, we hired Shannon to prepare a landscape design for our vacation home in Orleans. She designed a beautiful planting and landscaping plan that is very consistent with the natural setting of the property, which is located on a cove and designated as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC).
     Shannon’s plan involved planting of native species with low water demand, relocating existing plants and enhancing existing natural ground cover. Her approach is very closely aligned with our shared concern for the environment, and the reuse of existing plants reduced the cost of the project. Shannon’s plan was readily approved by the Orleans Conservation Commission, which was required due to our location in the ACEC. Timely Conservation Commission approval was a key aspect of the project because we rent our property beginning in late June, giving us limited time to complete the work.
     Shannon monitored the work of our landscape contractor and made adjustments as needed during the course of the work. She made very effective use of her time and had a hands-on approach in every aspect of the work. Shannon made sure the job was completed correctly, that all the plants were established, and that the work adhered to all conditions of our Conservation Commission approval. Work was completed on time and on budget.
We view Shannon as a very talented and creative landscape designer and also an effective manager. She is very passionate about her work and takes a high level of ownership of her projects. We have some more landscape/hardscape work to do and are planning more work with Shannon either this fall or in spring 2015".
Ginny and Bob Mullin, Orleans, MA


      "After demolishing our summer cottage of 25 years and rebuilding a year-round home last year we were interested in giving our landscape an update. It was important to us to preserve the natural beauty of our property while complementing the new home with a fresh landscape design.  We also wanted to use native plantings that would require "manageable" maintenance in the future.

     Shannon understood our vision from the start and was able to capture the essence of what we were hoping for in an elegant yet natural design. She is our "yard whisperer!"

     After the design was complete, Shannon worked with our landscaper every step of the way and managed the project to a successful completion. It has been a joy to watch the new gardens take form and we expect many years of seasonally changing colors and textures. Thank you Shannon!!!

     We wholeheartedly recommend Second Nature Gardenworks to anyone!! 

Joe and Donna Potts, Brewster, MA


"West Barnstable Loves Second Nature Gardenworks"

"What started as a simple project to replace a large rock we were using as a front door step with a safer, more traditional granite slab turned into a well-designed front entrance and yard - thanks to Second Nature Gardenworks.  It was a fortunate day for my wife and I when we met Shannon and Tom. They sketched out some concept drawings that really opened our eyes to the possibilities. They worked with our ideas and their expertise to develop finished plans and drawings using artful landscaping, bluestone, recycled granite slabs and at-grade level decking to create some wonderful new outdoor spaces that we will enjoy for many years. With an uncomplicated redesign of the driveway, the overall concept has had the effect of adding additional living space to our house – very useful space that has been as functional as it is attractive. They were wonderful to work with, from the quality of the people they brought in to do the work to the considerate ways they respected our privacy. We look forward to working with them on our backyard spaces in the very near future."  

Van and Wendy Northcross, West Barnstable, MA


    "Our lot in Yarmouthport was sorely in need of landscape design transformation: an upgrade to take visual advantage of its adjacency to an expansive open salt marsh area, and to correct distractions from an overgrowth of plantings rather haphazardly selected and arranged during the home's ten-year history. 

    We engaged Shannon Goheen, owner of Second Nature Gardenworks, per the strong recommendations of several friends and business associates, for the design and implementation of this awesome, complex task. Shannon responded promptly, came to our property to view the scene and its problems, and ina short time thereafter presented detailed drawings and explanations of a plan of action. Her plan firmly demonstrated her fabulous background and expertise in the subject.

     Her plan included her recommendations for a set of very competent local companies for the performance of the work. Given our go-ahead, she engaged the contractors, who proceeded under her daily supervision. Together, they labored diligently around
all of the untenable issues with this Spring's weather - the wild and frequent wind and rain storms and the ghastly temperature swings.
    The work is now nearing closure, and it has produced a majestically beautiful new environment for our home. It has certainly achieved all of its difficult objectives, and we and our entire neighborhood are overjoyed with the results.
    We would recommend Shannon strongly to anyone in need of creativity in design and implementation of landscaping projects of any scope and complexity."
Ann and John Ainley,  Yarmouth Port, MA


     "How remarkable is it to plan, order and install 500 plus shrubs (from bearberry to dogwood, magnolia and birch trees), and have a survival rate of over 99%?  While it seems remarkable, it's true and I couldn't be more surprised and pleased.

     On this site we had an opportunity to create something beautiful, yet fitting and Shannon did just that.  She took a house site and enhanced what was already an attractive home while also creating a beautiful native plant border that separates lawn from four acres of wilderness.

      I have worked with Shannon for 12 years on two different sites.  At our previous home we were on several garden tours including Cape Cod Museum of Art tour and the Dennis Garden Club tour. 

      Shannon worked hard to get the design right.  When the planting crew arrived Shannon was already there.  She worked shoulder to shoulder with them while supervising the efforts of a large crew.  She is efficient and provides value in design and result.    

     I like working with Shannon through concept to design and implementation.  Shannon is at the top of her trade."

Joe Masse, Brewster, MA

"Second Nature Garden Works was the best "Google" search I ever did!"

"Shannon and Thom helped us with a master plan for our yard.  They are wonderful, creative, intelligent people who listen to their customer’s needs, desires, and complaints and then produce a grand master plan! Our yard is quite large and now we can work on it in phases and be completely confident in our decisions. We feel liberated now that we have a design plan, that we own, to bring to our landscaper.  When we do the project we will definitely rely on Shannon's expertise every step of the way."

 Suzanne Bandanza, Osterville, MA

     "I am a very pleased and appreciative repeat client of Second Nature Gardenworks. A few years back I bid for and won two hours of Shannon's consulting at the annual Dennis Conservation Trust fund-raising auction. A very rewarding relationship resulted.

     I have an historic 1848 house in Dennis Village with narrow gardens hugging the house on three sides and a larger, square, mid-yard garden -- all visible from a busy street. When Shannon first met with me, all of the gardens had been neglected for several years since my wife's death. In particular, the side yard garden had become overgrown and unkempt.

     Shannon convinced me to think creatively, rather than simply to restore and control what had been in the various gardens. Over the space of two summers, Shannon transformed the gardens adjoining the house from virtual barriers that obscured the house's handsome brick foundation to more open arrangements which now highlight the foundation. In the third summer she totally redesigned the garden in the side yard to include more manageable plantings and a granite bench overlooking a fish pond and waterfall. The bench provides a tranquil place to sit and enjoy the pond, especially in the late afternoon.

     The new landscape is easily visible from the well-travelled sidewalk in front of my house.  Many passersby on the sidewalk have remarked to me on the striking appearance of the new garden and ask who designed it.

     Throughout our ongoing relationship, Shannon has been a delight. She provides stimulating suggestions -- but after listening to and reacting to my thoughts -- and follows through with designs that she then brings to life. Shannon stops by regularly to see and nurture her creations.

     There are many pleasures on the Cape when the snows yield to spring, but one of them for me this year will be to see what else Shannon has in mind for other parts of my property now that she has rejuvenated and re-shaped the principal ones.

     I would be pleased to show my yard to anyone considering Second Nature Gardenworks for landscape design work."

Richard Johnston, Dennis, MA


  "We hired Shannon from Second Nature Gardenworks to help us design and install a very natural looking landscape at Saturday Farm. Saturday Farm has multiple houses and we wanted landscaped privacy between the houses that looked natural; as if it was always there. Also, as an artist and an herbalist, I wanted native plants and areas to display art.
     Shannon delighted us with a beautiful, easy to maintain design, lovely plants, a reasonable price and an efficient installation. I also purchased her garden plan to reference long term and it is a piece of art.
     Thank you Shannon; Harry and I are looking forward to working with you on our next project!"

Cindy Sauers, Harwich, MA.


  "Shannnon brought new eyes to our old landscape. With her encouragement we removed the lines of non-descript evergreens across the front of the house. We widened and curved the plant beds from one side to the other, and we leveled a sitting area in front of the living room which we will fill with ground cover. Now we're improving the soil and getting ready to plant an array of flowering shrubs that will bring color and grace to the front yard. It's a three-year plan, since we're doing most of the work ourselves - but we are so pleased and excited about the prospects!. Thank you, Shannon, for the wonderful vision you provided!"
Elena Tobin, Osterville, MA


   “We really like the new “look.” Can’t wait ‘til the grass comes in and the plants bloom. Thanks so much”.

Kay & Bill Deford, Chatham, MA


  "Shannon of Second Nature Garden Works was a delightful and knowledgeable partner during our entire project. Her consultative approach started at our initial meeting and concluded with the completion of a beautiful landscape plan - a plan created by Shannon from our vision and refined with her insight and expertise.

     She selected the most wonderful plants and patio paving choices to ensure a lovely result. She oversaw all aspects of the installation to ensure all was completed on time and according to the agreed-upon budget.

     What a pleasant surprise when long after the project was finished, Shannon dropped by to be sure all was well and to confirm that we were enjoying her beautiful creation".

Ruth and Bob G., Eastham, MA


“We purchased our home in Eastham Ma about a year ago, and put a lot of time and effort into redoing the inside of the home.  It came out well but something was missing…as you drove down our dirt road to our home and pulled into our driveway…the outside of our property didn’t match the work we had done on the inside. 

Enter Shannon and Second Nature Garden Works, who was referred by a prominent Cape Cod landscape company.  The moment she steps out of her car to look around our property, she nailed it.  She said, “Your house is sitting on this gravel driveway…and that’s all people see. “  After carefully surveying our property, she had about ten more profound observations, and that was all within the first hour we had met.  We sat down at our table and after some further discussion, entered phase one by hiring her to draw and new landscape design for our property. 

She came back several weeks later with a very detailed landscape plan that basically gutted our existing lot.  We had not envisioned undertaking such wholesale changes, but after hearing her rationale for the plan, it made a lot of sense.  This was the end of phase one, adopting Shannon’s total makeover for our property. 

We then had to hire a company to execute the plan and with Shannon’s input we completed phase 2.  We then had a decision to make…Shannon proposed hiring her to oversee the implementation of the plan and work with the landscape company to ensure proper implementation of the plan.  Another big decision…did we need someone in that capacity?  Did we need to incur that additional expense?  After talking it over we decided to go for it and keep her on to work with us and the landscape company.

Having to wait a couple of months before the actual work was going to begin, we had more than our share of doubts….it was a lot of money we were going to spend…was it going to make a huge impact on our property? I will admit I am not the best at looking at a plan on paper and projecting what it would actually look like when said and done. 

Well…I am sitting here post 30 days since the completion of the landscape overall…and what we see and feel each day is how fortunate we were to hire Shannon and her  company Second Nature Gardenworks.  First, she is top-rate design artist…she transformed our property into a home that we are so head over heels in love with.  Second, she is a practical hands-on manager when it comes to implementing the plan and working with the landscape company…it was as smooth as could be.  Third, we hope she stays with us for a while so we can get her expertise as we enter our first spring in about 4-5 months…

Thanks Shannon!!"

Dave and Colleen Dubuque, Eastham, MA

     “Shannon came to my home, carefully listened to my needs and planned a garden that has been a complete joy.  Since I am an artist, color was of the utmost importance to me.  There are also certain plants that I find particularly interesting and Shannon was able to guide me according to soil conditions and availability of sunlight to determine which plants would flourish best. Shannon planned a garden that compliments the interior décor of my home.  The garden is in a constant state of color explosion from spring to fall.”

Nanci Kelley, South Yarmouth, MA


   "Hi Shannon... We got your book (and the little duckie) !!  Great touch - we loved it!  Such a nice way to complete the whole transformation. Many, many thanks to you and Thom for all your vision and hard work.

Christine Renda, Eastham, MA


     “When I was looking to improve my property with a homey look, adding colors and flowers and perennials to my lawn area, I contacted a couple of ‘commercial businesses’ to do the job. None however, were as responsive and efficient as Shannon.  She also ensured that the perennials were healthy and that I was satisfied with them.
I thank her for a job well done; not just the planting but the arrangement and the entire display. I shall be happy to refer her to everyone I know.”
Joseph Lazzara, Mortgage Broker, First Bancorp Mortgage Company, Dennis Port, MA


 “We commissioned Shannon to help create for us an entire new landscape design for a property that had recently been totally renovated both on the interior and exterior.  We removed all of the existing shrubs and asked her to begin from scratch!  What  makes Shannon’s talents stand out from most of her peers is the fact that she actually listened carefully to our requests and asked the appropriate questions in order to meet our personal needs, and, eventually, accomplished the task to absolute perfection!”

Elaine Ferrara, South Yarmouth


“The entrance garden you created from rubble was just beautiful!  I appreciate the time and hard work you put into the design of the garden.  It welcomed the thousands of visitors to the Showhouse.  Thank you for being a part of this very successful project to benefit Cape Cod.”

Mary Lou Alla, Sandwich


“The plan looks great! I marvel at your work-so neat and precise and yet wonderfully creative and beautiful.  The world needs more real contributors like you, especially in these grim times.  Yes, I will build the beautiful spaces you have designed , and I will enjoy every minute of it.  Thank you.”

Paula S, Sandwich


“Shannon is a professional in landscape design. I’ve installed many of her designs and our collaborative efforts have brought my company many compliments. Our mutual clients have told me how impressed they are with Shannon’s professionalism and sense of aesthetics. She also has the ability to communicate clearly and effectively to the client what the finished product will look like.”

Paul Rapoza, Falmouth


“I just wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying my garden this year. Everything came back beautifully and has brought lots of wild life too.  I feel so peaceful when I sit in the sunroom and look out at the beautiful landscape, and love walking through my different garden paths. You did such a fabulous job, and everyone who comes to visit raves about your work.  Thank you so much for all you have done and for teaching me to become a better novice gardener.”

Gloria Wager, Brewster


“Thank you for your excellent work, your artistic eye and your loving attention and care of plants. I am delighted.”

AS, West Barnstable


   "Hi, Shannon.  John loves it and went right out to top dress everything with the last of the loam - an excellent sign as he ignores anything he doesn't like!  I'm hoping we'll have enough warmish weather for another couple of weeks to let the plants get their toes in.
     Thanks again for the excellent and thoughtful job you did. Certainly what we got is worth what we paid."
John and Maria B., Wellfleet, MA