Here's what we think you should know about us!

Hello!  Starting with Shannon...

If you have a few minutes, take a look at my story below.  Otherwise, by way of a quick overview, I'm passionate about plants and our  environment.  I've been accused of being a tree-hugger and I believe in global warming.  I talk to the plants and I talk to myself when I'm out roaming your yard, putting the pieces together.

I don't save every tree I meet but I certainly consider its value in the environment as a whole before I seal its doom.  Further, I think about the larger picture when I'm finessing the smaller picture.  No slap-dash landscapes for me!

The more we like our personal landscapes, the better care and attention they receive.   And, I do believe that the happier we are in our personal spaces, the better we are as people.  Providing the knock-out landscape that's best for you is where my focus, intention and skill can make a big difference.

I work with you to create the landscape you are going to love!

And now, for the rest of the story...

Shannon at ScargoShannon’s love of plants revealed itself when she was 12.  That’s when she took over the care of her mother’s houseplants and by 13 she was mowing the bumpy, one-acre family lawn with an old Sears push mower.  The neighbors took notice and a business was born.

Shannon thought her gardening days were over when she neared graduation with honors from Connecticut College, double-majoring in Botany and Anthropology.  A planned career in plant taxonomy/ research took a surprise turn and led her to the study of landscape design.  Her college job of working at the Connecticut College Arboretum served her well by instilling a deep connection with native and naturalizing plants of New England.

Shannon settled on Cape Cod and started a gardening/landscape design business in the mid-80’s when the field was dominated by men.  After a few rough years of self-taught sales techniques, Shannon established herself in the garden design/native landscapes niches and eventually received all her work by word-of-mouth.  She also collaborated with landscapers and became adept at making use of shared strengths to benefit the client.  Her ability to stay several steps ahead of hired crews resulted in efficient installation projects with little wasted time and materials.

Shannon has worked for and consulted to the Town of Dennis in matters involving the Town’s ancient cemeteries and various landscape issues.  She consulted to the Town of Falmouth for their Falmouth Friendly Lawn project where she mapped a suggested course of action for short and long-term marketing of the concept that included workshops and a brochure on the subject

Meanwhile, Shannon completed the landscape design certificate program from The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University.  She has a broad range of skills, experience and camaraderie with landscapers that inform her landscape design process.

When Shannon isn’t designing or writing professionally, she has a varied palette of interests that include weaving with live plant materials, an array of performance arts, petting her adorable goldfish (ever pet a fish?) and hanging out at "camp" with her husband and their cat on a nearly-secluded lake in northern Maine.


About Thom Huettner

 Thom has always beThom at Scargoen interested in construction from an early age helping his father, an elevator construction mechanic, in carpentry and other projects around the home where he grew up in New Jersey.  Thom took extensive training in mechanical drawing and architectural drafting in high school.  While there he was able to secure work both part-time and summers for architectural and also engineering firms before completing college with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering.  Thom has since worked as an engineer in heavy industry, a small international engineering company and architectural and construction firms.

He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  He is a registered EIT (engineer-in-training) and holds a construction supervisor’s license in the State of Massachusetts.  He has done post graduate study in architecture at the Boston Architectural College.

Thom brings his visual aesthetic sense and technical expertise to the landscape layout and construction process.  He is currently studying interior design, and likes to rearrange his house furnishings every other year or so.

Thom builds unusual and highly creative shadowbox frames for his wife's art and others and loves to fool around with his old dunebuggy.  He's community-minded, having spent years bringing the village of Dennis Port back from the (nearly) dead (and it's thriving now), still serving on the Town of Dennis Road Safety Task Force and Clerk of the Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC).



Here's a quick little video of Shannon describing Second Nature Gardenworks:

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