There are lots of ways we can help you get the landscape you want!

Here are our most popular landscaping/garden design services, and all start with a free consultation

Landscape Design Analysis

  • This is a simple way to get started with your landscape project, whether you need a particular issue addressed or have a larger project that needs to be put into perspective before starting the design process. If we are addressing a smaller project, you'll get a sketch and plant list along with a clear explanation of why and what we are recommending. You can implement the design yourself or ask us to help make it happen (see cost estimates in the FAQ's)

Landscape Design

  • This is the best treatment for projects that require a comprehensive approach. We can go beyond plants to include patios/terraces, walls, creative decks, arbors, trellis, walks, sculpture, garden structures, water gardens, outdoor rooms, pool design and so on. It's all about you and what will work best for your property, your dreams, and your budget.

Gardening Services

  • We'll discuss what you need and make a plan of action to keep your gardens in shape.  We do what landscapers don't do, so you can make use of our services and still keep your trusted landscaper.

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Tri- or Bi-Annual Planting Check-Ups

  • We assess the landscape in three seasons to monitor your plantings. We then recommend actions to keep the plants healthy and the intent of the design intact.  This service keeps my focus on your landscape ensuring that it never gets away from you, evolving and maturing beautifully.

Installation Observation

  • We'll assign a landscape professional to install your project (or work with your landscaper)  and to ensure that the project happens according to the agreed-upon specifications.  This involvement can make the difference between "okay" and "fantastic!" Just because an installer has a plan to follow, it doesn't mean they are looking at it.  I see this happen every year, without fail.  Best not to take that chance.

Concierge Landscape Design/Garden Services

  • Would you like to plant shop with a professional who knows what to buy and where to buy it? Sometimes there are garden-related tasks that need doing and no one quite gets around to it for you. When your landscaper can't or won't do a service for you, or for other questions or requests that require a specialized approach, ask us.

Garden Talks

  • Shannon loves to speak to groups. Plants are exciting, especially when the speaker is excited. Maybe a show and tell? Sometimes Shannon prepares specialized, custom talks that your group wants to hear.   Just ask!

Architectural/Home Design Consultations

  • Thom is adept at dreaming up creative solutions for building exteriors and interiors.  Is something amiss with your home that you can't quite figure out?  Are you looking for some input without engaging the full services of a registered architect?  Ask Thom.  See his credentials here.

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